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73326Re: dw (or any operator) not working at end of line and beyond

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  • Dimitar DIMITROV
    Sep 23, 2013
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      >> Test done with the latest version out of mercurial
      >> Hi,
      >> Here is a bug: if you place your cursor at the end of a line and try dw,
      >> all that happens is the character under cursor is deleted but the line
      >> is not joined with the one below.
      >hm, dw deletes just the last character on the line but vw highlights
      >that and also the first character on the next line. w by itself is an
      >"exclusive" motion, though. You make me wonder if it's a bug or a feature.
      >Aah, found it (a few paragraphs below ":help word" and ":help WORD"):
      >> Another special case: When using the "w" motion in combination with an
      >> operator and the last word moved over is at the end of a line, the end of
      >> that word
      becomes the end of the operated text, not the first word in the
      >> next line.
      >"the end of that word becomes the end of the operated text", so it is
      >indeed a feature, or at least something documented in the help.

      You are right, I should have read the help

      >> de however is ALMOST working meaning
      >> that it does work in the usual settings but not with :se ve=all. In that
      >> case,
      >> if you go beyond the end of a line the joining of lines happens but your
      >> cursor position changes to the end of line instead of remaining in its
      >> place.
      >For me, de with ve=all and the cursor beyond the end of the line removes
      >the end-of-line and the first word of the next line. So, "the place
      >where the cursor was just before I issued the command" doesn't exist
      >anymore, and it goes, quite logically IMHO, to the first character after
      deleted EOL and word.

      You are also right, although in this case I think the cursor not moving would
      feel more natural with ve=all. I use this setting and I am used to the cursor
      never moving. Ex: rr when past the line creates all necessary spaces and keeps
      the cursor where it is

      >the e motion is described as "forward to end of word, inclusive, doesn't
      >stop on an empty line".
      >> Regards
      >> Dimitar
      >What is 'selection' set to on your installation?
      >    :verbose set sel?        " with question mark
      >Mine is set to "inclusive".

      inclusive as well

      >Best regards,

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