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73163Re: Some TOhtml issues

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  • ZyX
    Sep 11, 2013
      > Why would the same font look different in different browsers?!

      Because it is not the same font. I have font “Monospace”, but not “monospace”. Also all browsers seem to be fine with this collision: neither firefox, nor opera (12: presto), nor chromium use font named “Monospace”. I can’t say what chromium actually uses because computed style contains “monospace” while Opera shows “DejaVu Sans Mono”. If I read correctly firefox uses “Droid Sans Mono” and “PowerlineSymbols” for the element at a time (due to fontconfig configuration second one is expected; it contains powerline-specific glyphs and nothing more) (computed style again contains only “monospace”, but there is a special tab named “Fonts” in built-in debugger).

      > No? I know people have had trouble using it in Vim before, at least one person decided it was because that font wasn't actually fixed-width:
      > https://groups.google.com/d/msg/vim_use/DxSsvfzVAFI/ZbWBJrmHlsUJ
      > If the 'monospace' font has variable-width characters, isn't it by definition not actually monospace then? I'm a little frustrated to discover there's a font with a name matching a generic family name at all; it prevents any webpage from setting the default user-selected monospace font. But as you say, there are going to be a lot of people using it...

      Previously I only tried it with terminal. For proportional fonts terminal displays too large gaps, for Monospace it does not. Also it is fine in gvim: I checked now.

      > > Maybe set default to a list of common monospace fonts with an addition of “, monospace” as the very last resort for browser? Chromium has too many users to just ignore this problem.
      > Yes, that's what i meant by "as a last resort". This sounds like a reasonable alternative, to put a list of common fonts in there. The user could always override that.


      > Thanks. I'll probably try implementing:
      > 1. detect font used by Vim if possible
      > 2. fall back to DejaVu/Consolas/Bitstream Vera/Monaco in some order
      > 3. Fall back to "monospace" which *intends* to select a generic font family, but apparently on some systems is an actual font name which might not be fixed-width after all

      3. was not the problem. I just tried creating font named "monospace" (note: lowercase first letter) and it started to be actually used by chromium, firefox and opera. But font named “Monospace” (uppercase first letter) is *not*. It is a different issue which occurs on chromium only.

      > Any hints on getting font name from X/Motif fonts? Windows fonts and GTK fonts aren't too bad...

      No idea.

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