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73030Re: Issue with popup menu: first item becomes unselected

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  • Shougo
    Sep 3 7:04 PM
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      2013年8月29日木曜日 13時53分32秒 UTC+9 Dmitry Frank:
      > Hello.
      > I used very old Vim 7.3.46 before (on Windows), now I tried Vim 7.4, and I have an issue with popup-menu.
      > Say, I have popup-menu with three items: "one", "two", "three".
      > In Vim 7.3, when I type part of word, first menuitem keeps being selected, so, I can just type "o", press Enter, and "one" is inserted in the text. But in Vim 7.4, first item selected just when popup menu is shown, but when I type at least one symbol, selection goes away, and I need for one more keystroke <Down> or <C-n>.
      > How can I make it behave like Vim 7.3?
      > --
      > Regards,
      > Dmitry.

      Yes, the problem is occurred in my environment too.
      I think this problem is caused by Vim 7.3.1269.


      I tested Vim 7.3.1268, but it is not occurred.
      But I tested Vim 7.3.1269, it is occurred.

      Reproduce ways:

      1. executes "vim -u NONE -U NONE --noplugin -i NONE"
      2. executes ":set completeopt=menuone" command in Vim
      3. inputs "kdurant" in the buffer
      4. inputs "kd<C-n><C-p><Down>" in the buffer
      5. inputs "u" to narrow candidates
      6. OH, first item becomes unselected
      7. inputs "kd<C-p><C-n><Down>" in the buffer
      8. inputs "u" to narrow candidates
      9. Yes, first item does not become unselected


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