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72887Re: Vim syntax file should not require interpreter support to highlight :{interp}<

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    Aug 20, 2013
      On 20 August 2013, Ingo Karkat <swdev@...> wrote:
      > On 13-Aug-2013 18:46 +0200, ZyX wrote:
      > > I see that all g:vimsyn_embed flags say things like ?embed ? **(but
      > > only if vim supports it)**?. This is ridiculous: you don?t have to
      > > have vim lua support to code in lua and have syntax highlighting;
      > > you specifically don?t have to have vim lua support to write or
      > > watch lua<<EOF sections; and it is completely possible for oneself
      > > to want to review {interp}<<EOF sections in foreign plugins before
      > > deciding whether he needs to obtain Vim with {interp} support or
      > > (my case) to watch correct highlighting of his own vimrc on machine
      > > without specific interpreter support.
      > >
      > > I thus see no reason for using `(g:vimsyn_embed =~ 'p' &&
      > > has("perl"))` checks without any option to always highlight embedded
      > > perl code. If the intention is to indicate that interpreter is not
      > > supported then the only place where `has("perl")` should be present
      > > is the section where `g:vimsyn_embed` default value is computed:
      > > those (almost every vim user) who do not set `g:vimsyn_embed` will
      > > not notice any change in behavior, those who care will always
      > > receive correct highlighting.
      > I came to the same conclusion: While it is noble that the Vim syntax
      > plugin notifies the user that the used script interpreter is not
      > available in the current editor, having huge blocks of red error
      > highlighting is certainly overdoing it and counterproductive, because,
      > as we all know, reality isn't either black or white, and situations
      > like these do happen.

      +1 for this. People routinely edit files that only make sense (and
      will only ever run) on remote servers. There are legitimate situations
      where editing a file has nothing to do with actually running it.


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