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72877Re: using DirectX/DirectWrite for rendering text.

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  • Peter Prohaska
    Aug 20 6:26 AM
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      Pasting text produces inconstisten screen state. Looks like a mixture of
      monospaced and proportional font. Resetting rop to empty fixes the
      problem--and reintroduces the missing char glyphs.

      Attached is screenshot with the lines showing
      1) state right after paste (cursor was aligned above the 2nd-row tsu
      2) state after moving one character to the left ("h")
      3) state after moving left till column 1 ("hhh")

      Yank and paste, scroll off screen and back in, all produce state (1).
      Selections mark the full width as in state (3). Moving the cursor over a
      position triggers the update as seen in state (2).

      Test settings:

      Test Build: VC10; Win8; nmake -f Make_mvc.mak GUI=yes DIRECTX=yes

      It should definitely make it into vim.

      Skimmed through the code. Don't know much about the specific job. Looks
      solid enough. Patch currelty produces a rejected hunk against hg due to the
      addition of 'regexpengine' option.

      My user experience: Try a few dozen fonts, find a hadfull that works
      acceptable. Pre patch: rest is unusable. Post patch: rest works good or
      great. Editing terminological datasets often, i hearty recommend this
      pain-killer (or a different OS).


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