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72645Re: language-mapping is not applied to macro

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  • Ron Aaron
    Aug 4, 2013
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      On Sunday, August 4, 2013 5:24:44 PM UTC+3, Bram Moolenaar wrote:

      > It has always been that way. When changing this the users who want remapping
      > to work (the ones involved in this discussion) will be happy, and another set
      > of users (who are not yeet involved, since they are currently happy) will
      > have a problem, since the meaning of their mappings change. That is, they
      > only want them to apply for the actually typed key, not what a keymap results
      > in.

      How about discussing how it should work logically?

      Does an "iab" of "'a" to "joe" work with a keymap set? Yes, it does.

      Does an "imap" of "'a" to whatever work? No, it doesn't.

      Why this inconsistency? It serves no purpose.

      > How about this: If you want the langmaps to be remappable, then after
      > setting the keymap option, you manually use an :lmap for those
      > characters you want to be remappable. Can't be that many.

      Can you make my attached 'test.vim' work with 'lmap' so that the single-quote works as most anyone would expect, e.g. the same, with and without a keymap? I could not.

      To clarify: I do not want to remap the keymap'ed keyboard. I want a "'" pressed on the normal keyboard, and the keymap'ed character ("w", on the Hebrew map) to have the same effect in an imap. I think that is an entirely normal thing to expect, e.g. consistent behavior.

      I never thought when I originally put the keymap functionality in vim (12 years ago?) that an insert map would be disabled just because a keymap was enabled.

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