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72562Re: 7.4a - Confirm dialog box larger than screen size

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  • David Fishburn
    Jul 31 1:38 PM
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      On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 11:24 AM, Mike Williams <mike.williams@...> wrote:
      On 31/07/2013 14:06, David Fishburn wrote:
      Can anyone else reproduce this?

      Yep, reproduced.  Even happens with gui VIM on linux builds and without increasing the window height from the default 25 lines.  No idea for other platforms.

      Any GUI experts out there?

      A quick look at the Windows code for the dialog shows it limits the message content of the dialog to the height of the Window used by VIM, but takes no account of the title bar or any buttons and title bar extending beyond top and bottom of the window/screen.

      I haven't looked at the GTK code but it would seem it has no checks at all on the dialog height relative to the window or screen dimensions. Other platforms may vary again.

      While not nice, what is the usage scenario where such a tall dialog is useful?

      When using the confirm() function, you can ask the user for input.
      In my particular case (dbext.vim plugin) you can create "named connection profiles".
      When you first use the plugin it will prompt you (by #) which profile you would like to use.

      This is simply generated by entries you have put in your .vimrc.

      So in the end you are prompted like this:

      Enter profile #:
      1.  Oracle - DB_x
      2.  MySQL - MythTV
      3.  Sybase 

      Ok       Cancel

      In my case, I have over 75 profiles.  The 75 lines easily create a box that is larger than the window, so I expect it to scroll within the window.

      confirm() is a nice generic way to get input, the text added can easily be large.

      Thanks for testing and confirming.

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