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72556Re: 7.4a - Confirm dialog box larger than screen size

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  • Mike Williams
    Jul 31 8:24 AM
      On 31/07/2013 14:06, David Fishburn wrote:
      > Can anyone else reproduce this?

      Yep, reproduced. Even happens with gui VIM on linux builds and without
      increasing the window height from the default 25 lines. No idea for
      other platforms.

      > Any GUI experts out there?

      A quick look at the Windows code for the dialog shows it limits the
      message content of the dialog to the height of the Window used by VIM,
      but takes no account of the title bar or any buttons and title bar
      extending beyond top and bottom of the window/screen.

      I haven't looked at the GTK code but it would seem it has no checks at
      all on the dialog height relative to the window or screen dimensions.
      Other platforms may vary again.

      While not nice, what is the usage scenario where such a tall dialog is

      > Thanks,
      > David
      > On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 11:13 AM, Bram Moolenaar <Bram@...> wrote:
      >> David Fishburn wrote:
      >>> I believe I saw this fixed earlier, or something related.
      >>> I have tested this with:
      >>> :ver
      >>> VIM - Vi IMproved 7.4a BETA (2013 Jul 6, compiled Jul 9 2013 09:34:36)
      >>> MS-Windows 32-bit GUI version with OLE support
      >>> Included patches: 1-6
      >>> Compiled by me
      >>> Big version with GUI. Features included (+) or not (-):
      >>> Run on Windows 7 x64.
      >>> gvim.exe -u NONE -U NONE
      >>> Open Vim.
      >>> Resize Vim so that the top and bottom of the Vim window is nearly
      >> maximized.
      >>> Or
      >>> Simply maximize Vim by double clicking on the title bar.
      >>> Run the following:
      >>> :echo confirm('Test'.repeat("\nNext line", 80))
      >>> This will produce a dialog box with a scrollbar within it.
      >>> The scrolling of the items is correct.
      >>> But, there are 2 issues.
      >>> 1. Assuming your taskbar is at the default windows position (bottom of
      >>> screen) then window is much longer than than the window size. Many of
      >> the
      >>> "Next lines" are off the screen and the OK button is no where to be seen.
      >>> 2. If you taskbar is at the top of the screen (as mine always is) then
      >> the
      >>> problem may stem from the same issue of being too large, but there is an
      >>> additional problem. The top of the window is underneath the taskbar, so
      >>> you cannot click on it to move it. Many of the "Next lines" are off the
      >>> screen and the OK button is no where to be seen.
      >>> Please make sure Vim has either been maximized or nearly the length of
      >> the
      >>> screen first. If you do not, you will not see the same behaviour. The
      >>> confirm modal window is larger than Vim, but it will not exceed screen
      >> size
      >>> if Vim isn't using most of screen real-estate.
      >> Perhaps the height computatins do not add the height of the buttons?
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