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72435Re: [PATCH] makeprg for gcc

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jul 24, 2013
      Dimitar Dimitrov wrote:

      > Found that many default compiler plugins lacked the makeprg setting.
      > I basically opened a perl file, then a c file and tried to compile it
      > with :mak and it tried to use perl -c
      > this patch fixes it for gcc:
      > *** gcc.vim    2013-07-23 12:32:14.000000000 +0100
      > --- /tmp/gcc.vim    2013-07-23 12:32:08.453563055 +0100
      > ***************
      > *** 11,16 ****
      > --- 11,17 ----
      >   let s:cpo_save = &cpo
      >   set cpo&vim
      > + CompilerSet makeprg=gcc\ %\ $*
      >   CompilerSet errorformat=
      >         \%*[^\"]\"%f\"%*\\D%l:%c:\ %m,
      >         \%*[^\"]\"%f\"%*\\D%l:\ %m,

      I don't really like that solution, because one of many makeprg values
      could be right. For example, bcc.vim sets it to "make". That makes
      sense for gcc.vim as well.

      Can we make ther perl compiler plugin restore makeprg?
      Like we have undo_ftplugin for filetype plugins.

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