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72324BUG: new NFA-regexp problem in 7.4a.035

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  • Ingo Karkat
    Jul 18, 2013
      Hello Vim developers,

      Good news first: patch 7.4a.032 indeed fixes the reported NFA-regexp
      problem I've encountered in my test suite.

      Bad news: Now, another test case in the same test suite fails. Taking a
      cue from glts's great work at simplifying my previous error case, I've
      condensed it to this:

      function! Test(re)
      return 'SuR' =~ '\%#=' . a:re . '\%(\U\@<=S\k*\|S\l\)R'
      for n in [0, 1]
      echo Test(n)

      To reproduce, use above scriptlet or the identical attached script:

      vim -N -u NONE -S bad-re2.vim

      This is again with a huge build of Vim 7.4a.35, running in an Ubuntu
      13.04 x64 VM.

      -- regards, ingo

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