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72318Re: Improving vim startup time for very large files

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  • Ernie Rael
    Jul 17, 2013
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      On 7/17/2013 9:54 AM, Mike Williams wrote:
      > ...
      > Elapsed time is ~30s. Putting a profiler on VIM while it was writing
      > the file it reported around ~5s CPU time driving the write to disk -
      > the rest of it is waiting for file IO to complete. So both reading
      > and writing of large files is (not too surprisingly) IO bound and
      > dependent on OS behaviour and current system usage (available memory
      > for file cache, paging other apps and data out as required, etc.)

      On some systems it also depends on how it is written. Is it a single
      huge write, or lots of small ones, or something in between.

      When it's writing, vim copies all the characters doesn't it? I wonder
      how well it would perform if the bytes were copied into a memory mapped


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