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72292Re: Improving vim startup time for very large files

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  • Benjamin Fritz
    Jul 17, 2013
      On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 10:49 AM, Mike Williams
      <mike.williams@...> wrote:
      > Does anyone have hard numbers? I have just loaded an ~900MB PDF file in ~7s
      > (Win7 x64, 8GB, Core2Duo 2.3GHz), my normal VIM config (although I do have
      > maxmem always set to maximum).

      Now try writing it. I suppose if Vim is only being used as a viewer
      this might be a non-issue, but I discovered the problem when trying to
      create a file with a huge number of lines to test how Vim responded
      to...something. I don't exactly remember what I was trying to test,
      only that I gave up on having Vim create the file and instead did it
      using command-line tools (a huge pain on Windows), and then eventually
      gave up on testing in general because Vim was taking so long to
      manipulate the file.

      > First time to load the file took an age
      > (>40s) due to loading it off disk

      That sounds about right. Or maybe longer.

      > - once it is in the OS file cache
      > restarting vim to read the file was quick (I'd expect some delay with such a
      > large file). Is this the sort of pattern you are seeing?

      I don't recall.

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