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72261Re: Improving vim startup time for very large files

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  • Ingo Karkat
    Jul 16, 2013
      On 17-Jul-2013 07:58 +0200, Ron Aaron wrote:

      > I (and my colleagues) often need to view extremely large log files (>
      > 1G). From force of habit we use vim; but vim takes a very long time
      > to open huge files.
      > Even turning off the swap etc only partially mitigates the load time.
      > I would like to suggest that perhaps vim could be modified to open
      > files in 'stages'. That is, the first relatively small chunk could be
      > read in an lines processed, and the file shown, while vim continued to
      > load the rest of the file.
      > This would give a better user experience since the load time would be
      > very fast even on large files. The downside of course is that nothing
      > requiring line-numbers could be done until the entire file had been
      > read.
      > Comments?

      I'd say the biggest downside is that such an implementation would
      require big and fundamental changes to how a buffer is internally
      represented, and because the implementation is in C, it is quite hard to
      introduce the proxy objects that would stand for unloaded parts. So
      there's little chance that this will happen. (Not that my potentially
      wrong assessment should discourage anyone from attempting to implement
      this - I would love to see such a patch.)

      The best I can think of is the LargeFile plugin; please try it out:

      -- regards, ingo

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