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72256Re: Issue 152 in vim: 7.4a.24 BETA can't remove lines

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    Jul 16, 2013
      Comment #6 on issue 152 by antoine....@...: 7.4a.24 BETA can't remove

      It seems that you run in 'compatible' mode.This could be due to the lack of
      a vimrc.

      I suggest the following:
      1. Start Vim.
      2. In Normal mode, type
      :e ~/.vimrc
      followed by Enter.While you're typing that, it should appear at the very
      bottom of the Vim screen.
      3. In that new file, enter the following lines (in Insert mode):

      " Vim configuration file
      runtime vimrc_example.vim
      " user customizations come here
      set showmode

      4. Go back to Normal mode, then exit with saving:


      That's all.The vimrc_example.vim includes
      set backspace=indent,eol,start
      so you don't need to repeat that one. The next time you start Vim, it
      should let you backspace over a linebreak while in Insert mode, and
      --INSERT-- --REPLACE-- --VISUAL-- etc.should appear at the bottom when you
      aren't in Normal mode.

      Best regards,
      "I would rather see a saloon on every corner than a Catholic in
      the White House. I would rather see a nigger as president."
      [Bob Jones, Sr., founder of Bob Jones University]

      :help 'backspace'
      :help 'showmode'

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