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72247Re: Vim development process is utterly broken (Was: Re: [patch] test98 stops when using gvim)

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Jul 16, 2013
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      On 07/17/13 00:07, Marc Weber wrote:
      >> checkin-needed. Use of the mq extension to Mercurial is IMHO strongly
      >> recommended, so that a patch can be developed, compiled, tested, and yet
      >> popped off the clone when desired (e.g. while pulling updates from the
      >> master repo).
      > http://vim-wiki.mawercer.de/wiki/vim-development/development.html
      > -> "keeping your own work up to date" talks about topgit and
      > PatchBranchExtension (hg) which are alternatives to mq.
      > They allow exporting a final commit based on the history of a topic
      > branch into which master/head got merged multiple times.
      > Well - at least its my preferred way :)
      > Marc Weber
      I guess you came to Mercurial from git (correct me if I'm wrong): this
      "merged multiple times" business sounds like what happens at github. Me,
      on the contrary, I've come to master Mercurial fairly well, but git,
      when I have to use it (e.g. for projects whose source is held at github)
      always seems foreign to me. With mq, you qpush a diff-format patch (on
      top of the current changeset, usually the tip) when you're working on
      it, you qrefresh and qpop it when you temporarily aren't, and anything
      that you pull -u from the master repo in the meantime doesn't need to be
      "merged" with it: the next time you qpush, the patch will be pushed onto
      the new tip (and I'm not sure what happens in case of bit-rot since I've
      never had the case).

      Well, /de gustibus and coloribus non est disputandum/ — one shouldn't
      quarrel about differences in taste. In Vim also, different people will
      use different commands, or sequences of them, to achieve a given result.

      Best regards,
      "If I believed in a god, which I do not, I would like to
      communicate with him on the same intellectual level.
      Therefore, I would have to teach him a few things."
      [Aaron Erwin]

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