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72194Re: Vim development process is utterly broken (Was: Re: [patch] test98 stops when using gvim)

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  • Ben Fritz
    Jul 15, 2013
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      On Monday, July 15, 2013 11:33:55 AM UTC-5, ZyX wrote:
      > > Since we're using Mercurial, and Bram wants to allow email submissions, a developer can email a "bundle" if he/she doesn't have/want access to a public repository. Then just the commits required for the fix (with some commit also in Bram's repository as a parent) need to be emailed, and he can import or pull from the bundle.
      > Bundles solve exactly one problem: they avoid problems with applying patches. They do introduce another problem: now it is tricky to see the diff (any discussion around PR’s assumes having web interface for them).

      No, the discussion only assumes that everyone can see the same changes. It's easy enough to get the changes into a personal clone on your system to view them. That is an early step in merging and applying them anyway. I assume any changes merged in from pull requests must be tested before publishing.

      > With bundles one still needs to repost each time he has an update (common for emailed bundles and diff).

      I view that as a good thing. You'll need to post anyway when you make an update, otherwise nobody knows about it unless they are following your repository very closely. If Bram has 12 pull requests, he probably won't want to monitor each repository to see if anything changes. So the pull requester must post to say "updated to fix XYZ". If the changes are immediately available in the email, the maintainer has less work left to do to get them.

      That said, I'd probably prefer to just pull from a public repository myself, if I knew the correct revision to pull in.

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