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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Jul 7, 2013
      On 07/07/13 15:26, tux- wrote:
      > Tony Mechelynck schrob am Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013 um 06:53 Zeit:
      >> You should already have it.
      > Oh, right, thanks!
      > But why does it still "make" 7.3? :-/ (I use MS Windows, VS 2010.)
      Oh, does it? Mine (on Linux) doesn't. Try doing a full make (i.e.,
      telling Make to rebuild everything).

      Normally, the mere fact that version.h has changed, that it now includes
      the lines

      * VIM_VERSION_NODOT is used for the runtime directory name.
      * VIM_VERSION_SHORT is copied into the swap file (max. length is 6 chars).
      * VIM_VERSION_MEDIUM is used for the startup-screen.
      * VIM_VERSION_LONG is used for the ":version" command and "Vim -h".
      #define VIM_VERSION_NODOT "vim74a"
      #define VIM_VERSION_SHORT "7.4a"
      #define VIM_VERSION_MEDIUM "7.4a BETA"
      #define VIM_VERSION_LONG "VIM - Vi IMproved 7.4a BETA (2013 Jul 6)"
      #define VIM_VERSION_LONG_DATE "VIM - Vi IMproved 7.4a BETA (2013 Jul 6,
      compiled "

      and that version.o depends on both version.c and version.h (which
      version.c includes) should make Make launch a compile of version.c, even
      in a "partial" build. Of course, if you have changed those very lines in
      your "home changes", then…

      Are you sure your "current" changeset ("hg log -r ." without the quotes)
      is on the default branch and is a descendant of v7-4a-001? To make sure,
      enable and use the graphlog extension as I said earlier. If it isn't, then
      hg up -r default
      # apply your changes again (possibly by hg merge)
      hg commit -m 'local changes, as follows: bla bla bla'
      No new branch! The next fetch will pull changesets the way they are on
      the remote, then merge your changes (it is best to place them somewhere
      in the file where there is low risk of bit-rot).

      Best regards,
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