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71752Re: Regression: After startup, first message output is swallowed.

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jul 2 2:16 PM
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      Christian Brabandt wrote:

      > On Mon, July 1, 2013 17:45, Ingo Karkat wrote:
      > > Hello Vim developers,
      > >
      > > I noticed a regression:
      > >
      > > $ vim -N -u NONE
      > > :echo "foo"
      > > " The intro message is cleared, the (now empty) UI does not show "foo".
      > > " Expected behavior: The intro message stays visible, the command-line
      > > shows "foo".
      > >
      > > This happens with any command that echoes a single line, e.g. also with
      > > :set ic?, or :nmap. Only the very first command (output) is affected;
      > > subsequent commands (after the intro message was cleared) show up fine.
      > > I see this in Vim 7.3.1280 (huge build on Ubuntu 13.04/x64), but not in
      > > Vim 7.3.712. It also doesn't happen in GVIM, only in the terminal UI.
      > I don't see this for vim -u NONE -N (and I suspect, this is terminal
      > related),

      Yes, AFAIK it only happens when the termresponse causes a redraw. For
      xterm that is when t_CO is received.

      > but for me this happens, because I have a plugin, that resets
      > some highlighting groups whenever the statusline is drawn. This triggers
      > a do_highlight() call, which in turn calls redraw_win_later() and resets
      > must_redraw, although it has been set to zero earlier in update_screen()

      Hmm, changing highlighting while busy redrawing is bad. I'm not sure if
      we would care to make this work. Generally it would require a redraw.
      Vim doesn't know only the status line would be affected.

      > This patch fixes it for me, but I am not sure, this also fixes your
      > issue:

      This basically ignores the problem: If anything sets must_redraw while
      redrawing it gets discarded. I suspect this will cause trouble in some
      situations. There already is a flag to prevent recursion, weird
      things do happen. E.g. a resize while redrawing.

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