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71723Re: [bug] cursorline disappears (set cul)

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jul 1, 2013
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      Charles Campbell wrote:

      > This problem appeared with a recent patch (I can't backtrack on the
      > patches to find out which one on my work machine -- however, I suspect
      > its patch#1277).
      > Have two files, tmp1 and tmp2, with several lines contained in each:
      > vim -O tmp1 tmp2
      > :set cul
      > :wincmd l
      > :set cul
      > :wincmd h
      > Note that the "current line" in the tmp2 file disappears. This affects
      > the "ProcTrak" plugin which we're using at Goddard Space Flight Center's
      > MMS project.
      > Typically, the display has two windows:
      > +--------+------------+
      > | | |
      > | Log | Procedure |
      > | File | File |
      > | | |
      > +--------+------------+
      > (you should use a monospace font to view the above, but I didn't do this
      > email with html to avoid the associated petulance).
      > So the log file is queried at a 3Hz rate; it often has procedure+line
      > data and so the procedure file display is updated accordingly. It was
      > showing the current line in the procedure file window, but now "set cul"
      > is no longer effective.

      Right, patch 1277 changed a bit too much. A redraw may remove the
      cursor line.

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