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71713Re: Remaining Python todo items

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  • James McCoy
    Jul 1, 2013
      On Mon, Jul 01, 2013 at 05:00:04AM -0700, Ken Takata wrote:
      > After applying your new patch, test 86 and 87 still fail even on Windows.
      > It seems that calling PyErr_PrintEx() was missing.
      > Please check the attached patch.

      > diff --git a/runtime/doc/if_pyth.txt b/runtime/doc/if_pyth.txt
      > --- a/runtime/doc/if_pyth.txt
      > +++ b/runtime/doc/if_pyth.txt
      > @@ -740,6 +740,11 @@
      > 3. You undefine PY_NO_RTLD_GLOBAL in auto/config.h after configuration. This
      > may crash Vim though.
      > + *E880*
      > +Raising SystemExit exception in python isn't endosed way to quit vim, use: >

      I think you mean "endorsed" in this sentence.

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