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71707Bug report: Mouse events are interpreted with the wrong column

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  • Kevin Goodsell
    Jun 30, 2013
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      Using Vim built with GUI support in a terminal, and ttymouse set to
      xterm2, mouse clicks (as well as dragging events) in column 123
      consistently register as being in column 96. E.g., if a line of text
      contains 123 characters, clicking on the last character will position
      the text cursor on the 96th character instead of the 123rd.

      This seems to be caused by an inconsistency in how CSI (0x9b) is encoded
      in the input buffer. In getchar.c, fix_input_buffer() encodes CSI as a
      sequence of three bytes: K_SPECIAL, KS_EXTRA, and KE_CSI. (This only
      happens when GUI support is compiled in, but the GUI is not in use.)

      However in term.c, get_bytes_from_buf assumes that K_SPECIAL can only be
      followed by KS_ZERO or KS_SPECIAL. If it's not KS_ZERO, the result is
      treated as KS_SPECIAL.

      The result looks something like this:

      - When the user clicks in column 123, the terminal sends the column as
      - fix_input_buffer gets a CSI character, and replaces it with K_SPECIAL,
      - get_bytes_from_buf reads a K_SPECIAL character. It checks the next
      character and finds it is not KS_ZERO. It assumes the character must
      therefore be KS_SPECIAL, and produces the byte K_SPECIAL.
      - K_SPECIAL is 128. Interpreted as a terminal column, that is 128-32=96,
      so Vim sees the reported mouse column as 96.

      I see at least three contradictory ways for CSI to be encoded:

      1) In get_bytes_from_buf, the code appears to be looking for the
      sequence CSI, KS_EXTRA, KE_CSI.
      2) In get_bytes_from_buf, the comment says that CSI is encoded using the
      sequence CSI, KS_SPECIAL, KE_CSI.
      3) The actual sequence get_bytes_from_buf receives, and fix_input_buffer
      writes, is K_SPECIAL, KS_EXTRA, KE_CSI.

      I tested this on few different versions of Vim 7.2 and 7.3, including a
      new build of 7.3 patch 1278 from Mercurial, on Debian Squeeze and
      Jessie and Fedora 17, using xterm, Gnome terminal, Xfce terminal, and

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