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71389Re: fix tests for DOS/Windows

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  • Dominique PellĂ©
    Jun 19, 2013
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      Bram Moolenaar <Bram@...> wrote:
      > Taro Muraoka wrote:
      >> There are tests failed on DOS/Windows environment.
      >> I have fixed two of them.
      >> Please check attached patches.
      >> test50: Short name seems depending on OS version.
      >> On my Win7, "c:/x.x.y" has short name "c:/XX9B80~1.Y", it will not be matched.
      >> So I made it flexible.
      >> test77: failed when "cksum" available (MinGW or Cygwin).
      > Thanks. test50 fails on Unix though, I'll need to fix that.

      I'm not sure if cksum behaves like md5sum, but
      for md5sum, it is necessary to use the -b flag (md5sum -b)
      to have the same md5 on Windows and Linux
      because by default, md5sum opens file in text mode
      which can give different results on Windows and on
      Linux. I don't see a -b option to cksum though in the
      man page on Linux though.


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