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71388Re: fix tests for DOS/Windows

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jun 19, 2013
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      Ken Takata wrote:

      > 2013/06/18 Tue 9:03:02 UTC+9 Taro MURAOKA wrote:
      > > There are tests failed on DOS/Windows environment.
      > > I have fixed two of them.
      > I have fixed another two of them.
      > test71: (fix-test71.patch)
      > * The 'fileformat' of test71.in is unix, but dotest.in executes ':set ff&'.
      > This makes :bwipe failure. It should be :bwipe!.
      > * 'encoding' should be latin1.
      > (I don't know why test71 doesn't fail on Unix without this setting.)

      Setting 'encoding' make it fail on Unix. Note that the format of the
      test file is "latin1". What is the 'encoding' by default?

      > test17: (fix-test17.patch)
      > * mkdir on Windows doesn't support an option -p.
      > * 'rm -rf' cannot be used on Windows without installing Unix tools.
      > * The result of ':checkpath!' is different. Need to replace "\" to "/".
      > * Some of ':e' should be ':e!' because 'fileformat' can be changed.


      > Actually the last STARTTEST..ENDTEST block in the test17 still fails after
      > applying fix-test17.patch. Here is the result:
      > 29c29,33
      > < bar.c^M^@ NOT FOUND
      > ---
      > > Xdir1/dir2/bar.c
      > > Xdir1/dir2/bar.c -->
      > > Xdir1/dir2/baz.c
      > > Xdir1/dir2/baz.c -->
      > > foo.c^@ (Already listed)
      > The difference of 'fileformat' seems to cause the result.
      > This can be fixed by applying additional-fix-test17.patch,
      > but I don't think this is the right solution.
      > Is this behavior intended?

      I'm not sure. It may also depend on what "diff" command you use.
      Some ignore differences in line endings, some don't.

      This test is not about testing 'fileformat', thus is those extra
      commands make the test pass, I think that's fine. I'm not going to
      include this change now, please resend if you still think this is the
      best solution.

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