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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jun 18 2:32 PM
      Rob Owens wrote:

      > I improved the syntax files per some of Bram's suggestions.
      > 1) I removed underscores from the names of the syntax files.
      > 2) I did not shorten the names of the syntax files, because users will sometimes need to manually enable the syntax highlighting with, for example :set syntax=upstreamlog
      > I chose easy-to-remember over short.
      > 3) Headers added to syntax files.
      > 4) Items in the syntax file start with the name of the syntax file, using the form file_Item for readability.
      > 5) "hi def link" used instead of "hi link".
      > Please let me know if there are any other corrections I need to make.
      > Thanks for your help.

      Before including this, I wanted to check: The files that these syntax
      highlighting scripts support, they are used in the world, right? Not
      just inside your own company. I understand that the software is
      proprietary, but it's running on systems throughout the world, right?

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