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71359Re: fix tests for DOS/Windows

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  • Ken Takata
    Jun 18, 2013

      2013/06/18 Tue 9:03:02 UTC+9 Taro MURAOKA wrote:
      > There are tests failed on DOS/Windows environment.
      > I have fixed two of them.

      I have fixed another two of them.

      test71: (fix-test71.patch)
      * The 'fileformat' of test71.in is unix, but dotest.in executes ':set ff&'.
      This makes :bwipe failure. It should be :bwipe!.
      * 'encoding' should be latin1.
      (I don't know why test71 doesn't fail on Unix without this setting.)

      test17: (fix-test17.patch)
      * mkdir on Windows doesn't support an option -p.
      * 'rm -rf' cannot be used on Windows without installing Unix tools.
      * The result of ':checkpath!' is different. Need to replace "\" to "/".
      * Some of ':e' should be ':e!' because 'fileformat' can be changed.

      Actually the last STARTTEST..ENDTEST block in the test17 still fails after
      applying fix-test17.patch. Here is the result:

      < bar.c^M^@ NOT FOUND
      > Xdir1/dir2/bar.c
      > Xdir1/dir2/bar.c -->
      > Xdir1/dir2/baz.c
      > Xdir1/dir2/baz.c -->
      > foo.c^@ (Already listed)

      The difference of 'fileformat' seems to cause the result.
      This can be fixed by applying additional-fix-test17.patch,
      but I don't think this is the right solution.
      Is this behavior intended?

      Best regards,
      Ken Takata

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