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71301Re: Patch 7.3.1182

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  • Ajit Thakkar
    Jun 16, 2013
      Setting backupcopy=yes does seem to solve the problem, at least on three tries. 

      Without it, the behavior is erratic. Just now, in the last 5 minutes, I got on different occasions an E510, an E222, an E211, and a backup file named yyyy (but all the y's had an umlaut on them)  left behind in the current directory. 

      It gives me the impression that some random access to memory is taking place, as if there were an attempt to use an uninitialized value or an array element with an index outside the declared range.

      On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 9:18 AM, Bram Moolenaar <Bram@...> wrote:

      Ajit Thakkar wrote:

      > I was too quick to say the problems disappeared.
      > With 32-bit gvim 7.3.1182 and later, on 64-bit Win 7 SP1, a hang is
      > often obtained with the simplest of procedures:
      > gvim -u NONE a.txt
      > Make any edit
      > :w
      > It happens in many, but not all, of the subdirectories associated with
      > my user identity, ie at a level below c:\users\ajit
      > For example, there is no such problem in the TEMP directory
      > c:\users\ajit\AppData\Local\Temp
      > In a different subdirectory, this procedure gave me an
      > E293: block was not locked
      > Then trying :w again led to a hang.
      > The exe was compiled with features=normal using a MinGW version of gcc
      > 4.8.0
      > There were no such problems with gvim 7.3.1181 or earlier to which I
      > have reverted.

      Does this change when you manually change the value of 'backupcopy'?
      Since you say the problem happens when using ":w" it should.

      I actually don't see why a wrong value of 'backupcopy' causes a hang.

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