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71297Re: Patch 7.3.1182

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jun 16, 2013
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      Ajit Thakkar wrote:

      > I was too quick to say the problems disappeared.
      > With 32-bit gvim 7.3.1182 and later, on 64-bit Win 7 SP1, a hang is
      > often obtained with the simplest of procedures:
      > gvim -u NONE a.txt
      > Make any edit
      > :w
      > It happens in many, but not all, of the subdirectories associated with
      > my user identity, ie at a level below c:\users\ajit
      > For example, there is no such problem in the TEMP directory
      > c:\users\ajit\AppData\Local\Temp
      > In a different subdirectory, this procedure gave me an
      > E293: block was not locked
      > Then trying :w again led to a hang.
      > The exe was compiled with features=normal using a MinGW version of gcc
      > 4.8.0
      > There were no such problems with gvim 7.3.1181 or earlier to which I
      > have reverted.

      Does this change when you manually change the value of 'backupcopy'?
      Since you say the problem happens when using ":w" it should.

      I actually don't see why a wrong value of 'backupcopy' causes a hang.

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