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71262Re: Incorrect highlighting with re=1 introduced by 7.3.1191

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  • Manuel Ortega
    Jun 15, 2013
      On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 5:20 PM, Dominique Pellé <dominique.pelle@...> wrote:

      These 2 commands which only differ by using re=1 or re=2
      do not highlight the same text.  It's correct with re=2 and
      incorrect with re=1  (with re=1, the second line is not
      entirely highlighted, but it should be):

      $ vim -u NONE --noplugin -N -c 'set hls re=1' \
        -c 'call feedkeys("aaaa\<cr>aaa\<cr>bbb\<cr>\<esc>/^.\\(.\\).\\_..\\1.\<cr>")'

      $ vim -u NONE --noplugin -N -c 'set hls re=2' \
        -c 'call feedkeys("aaaa\<cr>aaa\<cr>bbb\<cr>\<esc>/^.\\(.\\).\\_..\\1.\<cr>")'

      It was fine in vim-7.3.1190 and the regression
      started in 7.3.1191. It's also broken in the latest

      Wow, the first of those commands (with re=1) causes MacVim to segfault!  (OS X 10.8.4, MacVim 7.3.1193)

      Vim: Caught deadly signal SEGV
      Vim: preserving files...
      Vim: Finished.
      Segmentation fault: 11

      That happens whether I call MacVim in the console or with the GUI. (When I call the GUI, the terminal output only shows "Vim: Finished", and the GUI launch fails).

      The second command (re=2) works fine in MacVim.  Also, both commands work fine (i.e., don't cause a segfault) on Vim built from the repo.


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