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  • Rob Owens
    Jun 5, 2013
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      I made a dumb newbie error on my diff files, so I'm sending the updated ones. This time I used the vim files from mercurial instead of Debian's versions (headsmack!)

      Syntax files are attached. For filetype.vim and synmenu.vim, see the diffs below.


      I've included some wildcarded filenames because people will often rename a log file to include the computer name or other identifier. I put them in separate au statements to make their removal easier if they are found to cause conflicts in the future (particularly with our use of the word "upstream" in our product line). Is this approach acceptable?

      I see that there are several augroups in filetype.vim. I don't fully understand the purpose of the groups, so I'm not sure if I put my changes in the proper group.

      *** vim/runtime/filetype.vim 2013-06-03 13:27:25.829674164 -0400
      --- local_changes/runtime/filetype.vim 2013-06-05 09:28:49.341736370 -0400
      *** 927,932 ****
      --- 927,949 ----
      " Initng
      au BufNewFile,BufRead */etc/initng/**/*.i,*.ii setf initng

      + " Innovation Data Processing
      + au BufRead,BufNewFile UPSTREAM.DAT,upstream.dat setf upstream_dat
      + au BufRead,BufNewFile UPSTREAM.*.DAT,upstream.*.dat setf upstream_dat
      + au BufRead,BufNewFile *.UPSTREAM.DAT,*.upstream.dat setf upstream_dat
      + au BufRead,BufNewFile UPSTREAM.LOG,upstream.log setf upstream_log
      + au BufRead,BufNewFile UPSTREAM.*.LOG,upstream.*.log setf upstream_log
      + au BufRead,BufNewFile *.UPSTREAM.LOG,*.upstream.log setf upstream_log
      + au BufRead,BufNewFile UPSTREAMInstall.log,upstreaminstall.log setf upstream_install_log
      + au BufRead,BufNewFile UPSTREAMInstall.*.log,upstreaminstall.*.log setf upstream_install_log
      + au BufRead,BufNewFile *.UPSTREAMInstall.log,*.upstreaminstall.log setf upstream_install_log
      + au BufRead,BufNewFile USSERVER.LOG,usserver.log setf usserver_log
      + au BufRead,BufNewFile USSERVER.*.LOG,usserver.*.log setf usserver_log
      + au BufRead,BufNewFile *.USSERVER.LOG,*.usserver.log setf usserver_log
      + au BufRead,BufNewFile USW2KAgt.log,usw2kagt.log setf usw2kagt_log
      + au BufRead,BufNewFile USW2KAgt.*.log,usw2kagt.*.log setf usw2kagt_log
      + au BufRead,BufNewFile *.USW2KAgt.log,*.usw2kagt.log setf usw2kagt_log
      " Ipfilter
      au BufNewFile,BufRead ipf.conf,ipf6.conf,ipf.rules setf ipfilter


      I've added five lines to this file. I did not renumber the lines to keep the "number by 10" convention. Is that something I should do or do the developers handle that before a release?

      *** vim/runtime/synmenu.vim 2013-06-03 13:27:26.069674689 -0400
      --- local_changes/runtime/synmenu.vim 2013-06-05 09:30:50.741997338 -0400
      *** 243,248 ****
      --- 243,253 ----
      an 50.50.370 &Syntax.HIJK.Initng :cal SetSyn("initng")<CR>
      an 50.50.380 &Syntax.HIJK.Inittab :cal SetSyn("inittab")<CR>
      an 50.50.390 &Syntax.HIJK.Inno\ setup :cal SetSyn("iss")<CR>
      + an 50.50.393 &Syntax.HIJK.Innovation\ Data\ Processing.Upstream\ dat :cal SetSyn ("upstream_dat")<CR>
      + an 50.50.394 &Syntax.HIJK.Innovation\ Data\ Processing.Upstream\ log :cal SetSyn ("upstream_log")<CR>
      + an 50.50.395 &Syntax.HIJK.Innovation\ Data\ Processing.Upstream\ Install\ log :cal SetSyn ("upstream_install_log")<CR>
      + an 50.50.396 &Syntax.HIJK.Innovation\ Data\ Processing.Usserver\ log :cal SetSyn ("usserver_log")<CR>
      + an 50.50.397 &Syntax.HIJK.Innovation\ Data\ Processing.USW2KAgt\ log :cal SetSyn ("usw2kagt_log")<CR>
      an 50.50.400 &Syntax.HIJK.InstallShield\ script :cal SetSyn("ishd")<CR>
      an 50.50.410 &Syntax.HIJK.Interactive\ Data\ Lang :cal SetSyn("idlang")<CR>
      an 50.50.420 &Syntax.HIJK.IPfilter :cal SetSyn("ipfilter")<CR>

      I'm ready to make changes to get these up to your standards, so please let me know if my files need improvement.


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