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70218Re: rtp hacks, sourcing after/*

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  • Gary Johnson
    May 27, 2013
      On 2013-05-27, Marc Weber wrote:

      > Let's keep it short and sipmle. Try this:
      > mv .vim .other
      > then in your .vimrc add a early line like this:
      > :set rtp=~/.other
      > Now it should behave "normal", because you told Vim where your .vim
      > directory is.

      It depends what you mean by "normal". It will look in ~/.other for
      a number of files and directories, but not for the after directory.
      If you want it to look in ~/.other/after you'll have to include that
      in 'rtp' as well.

      :set rtp=~/.other,~/.other/after

      That is how you tell Vim to look there _after_ it sources from the
      directories ahead of the after files in 'rtp'.

      I know you know all that, but it seems pretty clear to me that that
      behavior is by design. I don't see the problem. Maybe you just
      haven't made it short and simple enough for me.

      > Try it and report whether those after files can still be
      > found in :scriptnames. Same applies to ftdetect

      Of course the after files are not there--you didn't include them in

      The ftdetect files are not there because they're sourced by
      $VIMRUNTIME/filetype.vim. So if you included at least $VIMRUNTIME,
      your 'rtp' would behave more as "normal", e.g.,

      :set rtp=~/.other,$VIMRUNTIME,~/.other/after

      With $VIMRUNTIME in your 'rtp', any files in <package>/ftdetect
      should be sourced upon ":filetype on" as long as 'rtp' includes

      > Got it?

      Apparently not. I guess there are other ways that Vim could manage
      plugins, but I don't see a problem with the current method.

      I'll re-read your earlier messages and see if I can possibly grasp
      the less-simple example.


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