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70062Re: To all syntax file maintainers: examples needed

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  • Dominique PellĂ©
    May 24, 2013
      Bram Moolenaar wrote:

      > With the few files I received I already found two bugs in the new regexp
      > engine.
      > But I received only 7 files. I need many more! So now asking everyone,
      > not just syntax file maintainers, to send me files for testing. Please
      > read the quoted text above for what the file should contain.

      Hi Bram

      Attached is a sample file for the 'gprof' file type, to test
      the new regexp engine.

      The 'gprof' syntax is not part of the official vim, but
      I have a plugin here which you may want to include
      to the official vim if it is useful enough:


      Since gprof file does not have an official extension,
      you need to do ":setfiletype gprof", or add the following
      lines to $VIMRUNTIME/scripts.vim to automatically
      recognize gprof files:

      diff -r 05b791824368 runtime/scripts.vim
      --- a/runtime/scripts.vim Wed May 22 23:00:40 2013 +0200
      +++ b/runtime/scripts.vim Fri May 24 08:22:33 2013 +0200
      @@ -327,6 +327,12 @@
      elseif s:line1 =~ '^\(commit\|tree\|object\) \x\{40\}\>\|^tag \S\+$'
      set ft=git

      + " Gprof (gnu profiler)
      + elseif s:line1 == 'Flat profile:'
      + \ && s:line2 == ''
      + \ && s:line3 =~ '^Each sample counts as .* seconds.$'
      + set ft=gprof
      " CVS diff
      let s:lnum = 1


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