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70032Re: To all syntax file maintainers: examples needed

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  • Thomas Köhler
    May 23, 2013
      Hello Bram,

      Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > The plan is to include a new regexp engine in Vim 7.4. For testing
      > I would like to get a lot of files for which we have syntax
      > highlighting. I can then compare the highlighting of these files with
      > the old and the new engine to find anything that is not compatible.

      Makes sense.

      > Please send me a file that exercises most regexp patterns in the syntax
      > file. It doesn't need to be long, but it should be a complex example of
      > the language. Send it as an attachment to avoid the white space being
      > messed up by the mail system.

      OK, even though it's tough...

      > I would prefer one file per syntax, but it must be valid syntax. If one
      > file is problematic (e.g., you can't concatenate small files without
      > making it invalid), then a few files would be OK. A rough goal would be
      > 1000 lines.

      I made sample files that have valid syntax with the exception of
      some extra "*/" in order to demonstrate that the commentError
      groups are also matched.

      As I am the maintainer of uil.vim and prolog.vim, I have attached
      a sample file for both syntax files.

      You might want to take into account that I have not been using
      any of those two languages since I left university, which I did
      almost 10 years ago, plus you might want to take into account
      that prolog has several dialects which might have subtle
      differences, plus I added some code that demonstrates the
      highlightning groups, but doesn't make any sense otherwise: asIs
      demonstrates that mistyped operators are not being highlighted as
      operators (which is no correct prolog syntax). Something similar
      holds true for notaNumber.

      For uil, I just invented a small example. It uses correct syntax,
      but I didn't provide matching .c and .h files to be able to
      compile that - I don't even have a Motif development environment
      any more ;)

      > IMPORTANT: I will distribute the collection of files, so that others can
      > reproduce problems, do performance measurements, etc. Make sure your
      > file has a copyright that permits this. Don't reveal any secrets,
      > patents, trademarks, etc. A line stating that the Vim license applies
      > should be sufficient.

      I have just hacked the files together, you can distribute them
      together with vim under the same license. I even added this as a
      comment at the top of the file. :)


      Thomas Köhler Email: jean-luc@...
      <>< WWW: http://gott-gehabt.de
      IRC: tkoehler Freenode: thkoehler
      PGP public key available from Homepage!
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