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69613Re: [patch] get quickfix stack

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    May 14, 2013
      On 14 May 2013, Christian Brabandt <cblists@...> wrote:
      > Here is an updated patch, containing setlocstack()/setqfstack() function
      > and which also includes the title list suggestion. For some reason, the
      > stack returned by getqfstack()/getlocstack() looks a little bit weird:
      > Here an example for an empty stack:
      > {'entry6': [{}], 'entry7': [{}], 'entry8': [{}], 'entry9': [{}],
      > 'title': ['', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', ''], 'cur': 0, 'entry0':
      > [{}], 'entry1': [{}], 'entry2': [{}], 'entry3': [{}], 'entry4': [{}],
      > 'entry5': [{}]}
      > (Note, that there are entry6, entry7, entry8, entry9, then comes the
      > title list and current item and finally there are the remaining entry0
      > till entry5 items).
      > I am not sure, what causes this. But other then that, it seems to work.

      I'm the guy who (inadvertently) started this, related to a bug in
      the syntastic plugin. If you're curious about the initial discussion:

      Here is my take on the matter:

      (1) getqfstack() / getlocstack() should simply return a list of
      (2) there should be a separate function for getting (and perhaps another
      one for setting) the stack pointer in these lists, namely a number
      in range 0 .. len(list)-1;
      (3) "title" should be an attribute of the individual loclists;
      (4) there should be separate functions for getting and setting the title
      for a given loclist;
      (5) I'm not sure setqfstack() / setlocstack() would be all that useful;
      instead, I'd rather see lifted (or perhaps made configurable) the
      limit of 10 loclists per stack.

      Best regards,


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