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69364Re: [PATCH]Add an option for matchparen to disable it in insert mode

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  • Gary Johnson
    May 1, 2013
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      On 2013-05-01, Fanhe Fanhed wrote:
      > I just reproduce.
      > eg: edit tag.c of vim sorce code file, and go to 2000 line number, input the
      > follow
      > func(((((((((())))))))) , snekjglenlnsekgnel|)
      > '|' means the cursor. Then go to type.

      Highlights the leftmost parenthesis and the cursor smoothly.

      > And type again after run :NoMatchParen.

      Cursor again highlighted smoothly, but of course no highlighting of
      the parenthesis.

      > In fact, the reason is this sentence in matchparen.vim
      > let [m_lnum, m_col] = searchpairpos(c, '', c2, s_flags, s_skip, stopline, 300)
      > 300msec will delay screen refreshing.
      > For example run this
      > autocmd CursorMoveI * sleep 100m
      > After this, the cursor is flickering and shaking when typing.

      Now I see the flickering and shaking of the cursor, but only when
      NoMatchParen has not been executed.

      > So, I prefer disable all CursorMoveI autocmd include matchparen plugin, but is
      > not a matter in CursorMove autocmd.

      So you're saying that it takes on the order of 100 ms for the
      matchparen.vim plugin's s:Highlight_Matching_Pair() function to
      execute on your machine?

      I can't reproduce the problem without the "sleep 100m", but I can
      see that on slower hardware your patch could be useful.


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