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69328Re: macosx x11/motif gvim-7.3.706+ E250 dialog on startup

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  • Max Kirillov
    Apr 29, 2013
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      Hi. I also experienced this problem for some time.

      I dicovered there was some editing mistakes in recent which
      caused showing this message even if fontset is not used.

      Patch which corrects the mistake is after the signature. It
      soppressed the message for me.

      The root cause is still unclear to me. Why would
      XCreateFontSet report anything about KOI8-R or GB2312.1980-0
      if I have utf-8 locale? I don't also have others installed.
      I am not familiar to libx11 to answer this question.


      diff -r 26fdbbc9927a -r 63f18a56fb20 src/syntax.c
      --- a/src/syntax.c Sun Apr 28 08:25:08 2013 +0300
      +++ b/src/syntax.c Mon Apr 29 06:23:22 2013 +0300
      @@ -8082,6 +8082,7 @@
      || do_tooltip
      # endif
      + {
      if (free_font)
      HL_TABLE()[idx].sg_fontset = fontset_name2handle(arg, 0
      @@ -8092,6 +8093,7 @@
      || do_tooltip
      # endif
      + }
      if (HL_TABLE()[idx].sg_fontset != NOFONTSET)
      /* If it worked and it's the Normal group, use it as the normal

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