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69305Re: Rgrep not working on vim 64-bit, win7

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  • Yegappan Lakshmanan
    Apr 28, 2013

      On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 11:52 PM, Dariusz Gadomski <dgadomski@...> wrote:
      >>>> >
      >>>> > This problem is caused by the shell command line quote escape
      >>>> > character in MS-Windows.
      >>>> > I have a fix for this issue. I will update the grep plugin and release
      >>>> > a new version.
      >>>> >
      >>>> > - Yegappan
      >>>> I was trying to analyze this problem further and what I found out that
      >>>> actually vim calls something like this underneath:
      >>>> cmd /c (C:\msys\bin\find.exe C:\dev\<my-project> -type d ( -name .SVN ) -prune
      >>>> -o -type f ( -name *.cpp ) -exec c:\msys\bin\grep.exe -s -n -- TODO {} ;)
      >>>> When I tried to paste it directly to cmd.exe I got:
      >>>> -prune was unexpected at this time.
      >>>> So no std output was generated and the process terminated with an error
      >>>> on stderr - hence no tmp file created.
      >>>> I think those brackets around cmd /c call conflict with brackets that make
      >>>> a part of find call itself. When I replace the outer brackets with quotation
      >>>> marks:
      >>>> cmd /c "C:\msys\bin\find.exe C:\dev\<my-project> -type d ( -name .SVN )
      >>>> -prune -o -type f ( -name *.cpp ) -exec c:\msys\bin\grep.exe -s -n --
      >>>> TODO {} ;"
      >>>> I get no error and expected output is printed.
      >>>> So my guess is either:
      >>>> - a different method is needed in the find call to group the conditions
      >>>> (does find even allow a different way of grouping?) or
      >>>> - inner brackets need somehow be escaped in the call or
      >>>> - vim system() call needs to be fixed to handle brackets in the argument string.
      >>>> Maybe is there another way to fix it or at least provide a temporary
      >>>> work-around?
      >>>> I would appreciate any hints that would enable me to use Rgrep until this
      >>>> problem gets fixed.
      >>> The approach that works and used by the taglist plugin is to write the
      >>> command line
      >>> into a temporary .cmd file and execute it. The grep plugin also will use this
      >>> approach.
      >> I have uploaded a new version of the grep plugin to the Vim online website.
      >> You can try using the new version and let me know if you see any issues.
      > Great, the new version returns no error. Thanks!
      > However, the Quickfix list contains no filenames, only line numbers, so it's
      > impossible to jump directly from the quicklist to the place that grep found.
      > Is there a "-H" flag missing to grep or does the msys version of grep behave
      > differently?
      > I observe one more strange thing. If I run:
      > :Rgrep TODO
      > and give the directory to search and file extensions in subsequent prompts
      > it all works flawlessly, but if I run:
      > :Rgrep TODO *.cpp
      > the find command is expanded to:
      > (...) -type f ( -name -o -name *.cpp ) (...)
      > and returns no results. Providing more than one extension:
      > :Rgrep TODO *.cpp *.h
      > results with expanding to:
      > (...) -type f ( -name -o -name *.cpp -name *.h ) (...)
      > which still provides no results.
      > Is that behavior expected or is giving file extensions inline not supported?

      The problem in using the ":Rgrep <pattern> <filenames>" is fixed with the
      latest version (1.11) of the Vim plugin.

      - Yegappan

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