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69290Re: Line endings of messages to stderr in batch mode

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Apr 28, 2013
      David B├╝rgin wrote:

      > When run in batch mode, Vim prints verbose :echo messages to stderr (see
      > ":h -s-ex").
      > Unfortunately, by the look of it end-of-line characters aren't handled
      > correctly. On my unix machine I get CRLF line endings, and no line
      > endings on the last line.
      > To reproduce, create a script "crlf.vim" with the following contents.
      > function Echo()
      > echo "a"
      > echo "b"
      > echo "c"
      > endfunction
      > verbose call Echo()
      > quit
      > Execute it in batch mode, redirecting stderr to a temporary file.
      > vim -es <crlf.vim 2>tempfile
      > These are the contents of the tempfile:
      > 0000000: 610d 0a62 0d0a 63 a..b..c
      > Whereas the output I would expect in a unix environment looks like this:
      > 0000000: 610a 620a 630a a.b.c.

      In a terminal the CR characters are required. A NL (aka line feed) only
      moves the cursor to the next line, it doesn't go back to the first

      In the tty handling the CR is often automatically inserted, depending on
      the mode. Vim assumes raw mode, thus has to write the CR characters.

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