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69269Re: Patch 7.3.551

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Apr 26, 2013
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      ZyX wrote:

      > Here is the patch. To be applied after applying patch with
      > vim.**.options. I can split and/or rebase it if you need.
      > # HG changeset patch
      > # User ZyX <kp-pav@...>
      > # Date 1366951264 -14400
      > # Branch python-extended-2
      > # Node ID 66af9eddd748a888e3ccc0fc221fe80663d0186b
      > # Parent 1ffc8d40ecea0d75d48612b828fd62d9e3669191
      > Various tab and autocommands related fixes:
      > - Do not launch autocommands for various set*var functions
      > - Fix missing (BufEnter) autocommands on :tabclose
      > - Fix duplicate (WinEnter) autocommands on :tabclose
      > - Fix wrong ordering (TabEnter then WinEnter instead of the opposite) of
      > autocommands on :tabclose and :tabnew

      Thanks for figuring this out. You had some nice examples for how to
      reproduce the problem you are fixing, how about turning those into a

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