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69258Re: Issue 127 in vim: TFS Plugin Broken by latest VIM

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    Apr 25, 2013
      Comment #4 on issue 127 by fritzoph...@...: TFS Plugin Broken by
      latest VIM

      It looks like the plugin is manually escaping quote characters in the
      command with ^, which with default settings Vim will now do automatically

      It looks like the format of commands that run are:

      ! start /min cmd /c path/to/tool.exe ^"tool arguments^"

      or, depending on the command or specific settings, I'm not sure which:

      r!cmd /c "path/to/tool.exe ^"tool arguments^""

      "Does not work" means very little. What specific output do you get when you
      try to run a command that fails?

      I don't have TFS installed, and the plugin invokes a big chain of functions
      to execute any command, so I tried the second command format with the 'dir'
      command, as follows:

      r!cmd /c "dir /b ^"C:\Program Files^""

      Doing this gives me:
      E485: Can't read file C:/Users/btfritz/AppData/Local/Temp/VIoF289.tmp

      If I remove the ^ characters (because Vim's default settings are now set up
      for these not to be needed anymore), I get a directory listing as I expect:

      r!cmd /c "dir /b "C:\Program Files""

      For now you can try removing the ^ escaping from the commands in the
      plugin. You should contact the plugin maintainer to let him know his plugin
      needs adjustment for Vim's new default shellxquote and shellxescape

      Note that ^" isn't actually a valid escape to include a quote within a
      quote. The quotes also prevent special meanings of characters, so the
      plugin was arguably wrong in the first place:

      C:\>echo ^^
      C:\>echo ^"
      C:\>echo "^""

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