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69019Re: RDF manifests highlighted as error from line 2 to the end

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Apr 9, 2013
      On 09/04/13 04:55, Axel Castellane wrote:
      > Sorry Tony, but I believe that RePEc (the organization that uses ReDIF
      > files) does not understand so much about the consistency of file
      > extensions and everything related to the Internet. It is not its area of
      > expertise. Its main focus is economics. Formatted text and Internet are
      > just convenient tools for classifying the papers, authors, etc. and
      > doing some statistics. I think that at the time they started their
      > service, they did not even know that another type of files had a .rdf
      > extension... Most probably, they did not even know about W3C.

      And from what I read in that HTML page, it seemed to me that to them,
      the existence of non-Windows operating systems is some quaint feature of
      out-of the way places… They know about it, but only in passing… Or maybe
      I am overgeneralizing.

      > By the way, RePEc is the largest database of working papers of
      > economics. It also cross-registers references about most of the journals
      > of economic literature. It is referenced on Google Scholar. It publishes
      > a ranking of authors which is used a lot in the job market of
      > researchers in economics. In a word, it is quite big. To browse the
      > statistics of any paper, article, author or institution, go on
      > http://ideas.repec.org/. It is not really "confidential". I would say it
      > is more like a niche, which does not attract so many wikipedia
      > contributors, hence its low visibility on Internet, I guess.

      OK, let's call it a niche; it might be of interest to my nephew who has,
      IIUC, an economy degree, but to me, who studied math, worked at various
      times as a computer programmer (in COBOL and assembly language), a
      teacher (math/physics, to children ages 12 to 15) or a translator
      (English and Dutch into French), they could just as well be on another

      > I think the new filetype.vim is really highly unlikely to catch anything
      > else than a ReDIF file, so it is not a big deal that it uses a wrong
      > file extension.

      Good. IIUC, with the new filetype.vim, *.rdf files which look like XML
      will be detected as filetype=xml, those which have a redif header will
      be detected as filetype=redif, and if a file comes about which is
      neither, its filetype won't be set unless it fits some other filetype's

      > Finally, I think that the file extension cannot be changed, because the
      > script that reads ReDIF files silently ignores all other files, and I
      > have heard that the person who programmed it (in Perl...) some time ago
      > is not maintaining it anymore...

      Oh, I'm sure there still exist some working programmers with a knowledge
      of Perl, the problem would be what to decide and how to implement it,
      without throwing wrenches this way and that into all the wheels of the
      RePEc libraries. I suppose we will have to leave it unchanged, with name
      collision and all, at least for the time being.

      Best regards,
      Feminists say 60 percent of the country's wealth is in the hands of
      women. They're letting men hold the other 40 percent because their
      handbags are full.
      -- Earl Wilson

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