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69015Re: RDF manifests highlighted as error from line 2 to the end

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Apr 8, 2013
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      Axel Castellane wrote:

      > Sorry for the late answer. redif files do have comments that start with
      > /^#/, but they are likely to have no comment at all since they are very
      > self-explicit...
      > However, any redif file must have a name in *.rdf, and must also have its
      > first line, except for potential comments, in /^\ctemplate-type:/.
      > Something like
      > let lnum = 1
      > while lnum <= 5
      > let s:line =getline(lnum)
      > if s:line =~ "^\ctemplate-type:"
      > setf redif
      > endif
      > let lnum = lnum + 1
      > endwhile
      > that happens inside an autocommand for *.rdf files is most likely to catch
      > 99% of redif files. I hope it helps.

      OK, now I have this at line 2566 of filetype.vim:

      " ReDIF
      " Only used when the .rdf file was not detected to be XML.
      au BufRead,BufNewFile *.rdf call s:Redif()
      func! s:Redif()
      let lnum = 1
      while lnum <= 5 && lnum < line('$')
      if getline(lnum) =~ "^\ctemplate-type:"
      setf redif
      let lnum = lnum + 1

      > Finally, I attached a new version of the syntax file.

      I'll include it, thanks.

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