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68944Re: map ZZ

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  • Alex Efros
    Apr 2, 2013

      On Sat, Mar 30, 2013 at 01:25:07PM -0700, ZyX wrote:
      > Implementation really does not switch any modes, it just instead of
      > using something like a list of mapping tables {builtin_commands,
      > global_mappings, local_mappings} special-cases all built-ins and uses
      > plain_vgetc function in C code unconditionally waiting for next
      > character.

      Maybe I missed something in your explanation, but I still doesn't
      understand why first Z mapped from Russian char but not second Z.
      Or special-case handling begins _after_ entering first Z, so first and
      second Z read by Vim using different implementations? Sounds like a bug.

      Anyway, if no one bothers fixing this, where I can find list of all such
      special-case key combinations, to manually add mapping for them all in my

      WBR, Alex.

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