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68898Re: [Patch] Refine listed tags with regex

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  • Cody Cutler
    Mar 29, 2013
      lech.lorens@... (Lech Lorens) - Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 10:35:41AM +0100
      > On 29-Mar-2013 Cody Cutler <ccutler@...> wrote:
      > > [ snip ]
      > I haven't tested your patch but it reminds me of a patch I prepared some
      > 2 years ago. You could search the list archives for a feature called
      > 'tagfunc' which with the awesome SmartTag vim script by Robert Webb I've
      > been happily using ever since.

      Hello Lech. Thank you, I missed that thread in my search for different

      I think this patch is different in two important aspects though: 1) it
      requires no configuration or additional work (besides typing a regex,
      something all vim power users are quite comfortably with!) and 2) it is
      more general in that it is language agnostic (but depends on the tags).

      For years, my solution to the 100s-of-tags-for-one-identifier problem
      was grep. This patch makes finding the right tag take one or two
      seconds instead of 10s of seconds or longer.

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