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68842Re: "." fails to repeat the last executed operator with ":normal v"

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  • Sung Pae
    Mar 24 6:08 PM
      On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 06:43:47PM +0100, glts wrote:

      > On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 12:40 AM, Sung Pae <self@...> wrote:
      > > I see two issues on first glance:
      > >
      > > * Counts are not repeated; d2x (x being a custom motion) repeats as
      > > dx only
      > Yes, but this is due to another bug. My patch does not affect this.
      > The v:count variables are treated differently in omaps. Compare:

      Ah yes, you're totally correct. I remember now that I had to work
      around that myself by saving v:count to a buffer-local variable on omap
      invocation, then string-replace the v:count variable in the omap rhs
      with the buffer-local "b:_count", so that the cached value would be used
      on repeat. It was very nasty, but it worked.

      > This is a different issue, and I'd rather put it off for the moment.

      Yes, I imagine a new count variable needs to be created to handle omaps.

      > > * Making a visual selection with a custom operator clobbers the redo
      > Can you give an example? I don't see the problem.

      I apologize, that was a bit vague.

      Let's create a simple (and incomplete) custom motion:

      function! SelectInCaps()
      let [bl, bc] = searchpos('\u', 'cbW')
      let [el, ec] = searchpos('.\u\ze', 'W')
      call setpos("'<", [0, bl, bc, 0])
      call setpos("'>", [0, el, ec, 0])
      normal! gv

      Then map it to both visual and operator-pending modes:

      vmap ic :<C-U>call SelectInCaps()<CR>
      omap ic :<C-U>call SelectInCaps()<CR>

      Repeating the command dic with the . command works now with your patch:

      Foo|BazQuux " dic
      Foo|Quuz " .

      However, if we invoke vic after running dic, the . command no longer has
      any affect:

      Foo|BazQuux " dic
      Foo|BazQuux " vic<Esc>
      Foo|BazQuux " .

      This is not true of the builtin motions like `aw`; visual commands do
      not clobber the repeat buffer (or however it may work).

      Thank you for your work on this!

      Sung Pae

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