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68832Re: "." fails to repeat the last executed operator with ":normal v"

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  • glts
    Mar 24, 2013
      Sung Pae, thank you for your feedback.

      On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 12:40 AM, Sung Pae <self@...> wrote:
      > I see two issues on first glance:
      > * Counts are not repeated; d2x (x being a custom motion) repeats as
      > dx only

      Yes, but this is due to another bug. My patch does not affect this.

      The v:count variables are treated differently in omaps. Compare:

      :nnoremap <silent> x :<C-U>exe "norm! d".v:count1."e"<CR>
      :onoremap <silent> x :<C-U>exe "norm! ".v:count1."e"<CR>

      If you try the normal mode mapping, e.g. "2x", then the dot command will
      have the same effect as "2x". You can also override the count by giving
      a count to the dot command, e.g. "3.". This is the expected behaviour.

      The omap on the other hand doesn't work like that. Try "d2x" and then
      repeat with the dot command: The original count is not used. You have to
      use "2." to get the same as with "d2x".

      This is a different issue, and I'd rather put it off for the moment.

      > * Making a visual selection with a custom operator clobbers the redo

      Can you give an example? I don't see the problem.

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