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68826Re: "." fails to repeat the last executed operator with ":normal v"

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  • Sung Pae
    Mar 23, 2013
      On Sat, Mar 23, 2013 at 09:56:58AM -0700, glts wrote:

      > I spent some time looking into this. Attached is a first *proposal*
      > for a patch for the current Vim version 7.3.875, which -- I believe --
      > fixes this.

      I can confirm it works for simple repeats of custom motions with `d` and
      `c` operators, as well the custom `ys` operator that Kana showed was

      > However, the code surrounding Visual mode and operators is rather ...
      > tricky to say the least, so I urge you to look it over carefully,
      > and comment on whether you think it is correct or how it could be
      > improved.

      I see two issues on first glance:

      * Counts are not repeated; d2x (x being a custom motion) repeats as
      dx only
      * Making a visual selection with a custom operator clobbers the redo

      It's promising that your small patch enables so much of the desired
      functionality. Please continue!

      > There has not been any response on the status of this issue. Operators
      > and text objects are two of the major advantages Vim has over other
      > editors. So I believe it is essential to let users leverage the full
      > power of their own custom operators and text objects by making them
      > repeatable with the dot command.

      Perhaps we will be able to convince Bram if the solution is clean and

      Sung Pae

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