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68802Re: Suggestion: Highlight the search pattern in :g/.../# or :g/.../p

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  • Axel Bender
    Mar 21, 2013
      Thanks all!

      Based on your input my final version (taking into account vim's number setting):

      command! -nargs=? P :call PrintHighlighted(<q-args>)

      function! PrintHighlighted(arg)
      echo ""

      if a:arg == "#" || &number
      let l:lnum = line(".")

      echohl LineNr
      echon " " . repeat(" ", len(line("$")) - strlen(l:lnum)) . l:lnum . " "
      echohl NONE

      let l:line = getline(".")
      let l:pos = 0

      while 1
      let l:ms = match(l:line, @/, l:pos)

      if l:ms == -1
      echon strpart(l:line, l:pos)

      echon strpart(l:line, l:pos, l:ms - l:pos)

      let l:me = matchend(l:line, @/, l:pos)

      echohl MarkerBlue
      echon strpart(l:line, l:ms, l:me - l:ms)
      echohl NONE

      if l:pos == l:me
      echon strpart(l:line, l:me)

      let l:pos = l:me

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