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68769Re: [patch] windows font antialiasing styles

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  • Ondrej Balaz
    Mar 19, 2013
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      Hi Mike,

      > I think there is value in the patch. If VIM moves on the base supported
      > version of Windows to XP then we know cleartype can potentially be used.
      > Perhaps it would better with a simple control whether to anti-alias or not
      > (some people really don't want it at all). With anti-alias on check if
      > cleartype is enabled and if so use it, else use the normal anti-alias - if
      > cleartype has not been enabled it is not likely to have been set up for the
      > display so may look worse that normal anti-alias.

      > You should also be aware there is a patch floating around that lets VIM use
      > DirectWrite for text rendering which has a better font renderer and provides
      > more control on anti-aliasing. This does require Win7/2k8r2 or better.
      > There is potential here for having too many controls over text rendering if
      > we are not careful.

      I've noticed there's also MacOS X specific :set antialias=true/false
      option which might suit better and will be same across the supported
      platforms and not introducing another way to do the same. But when I
      started my patch I really wasn't sure if there are other places where
      guifont-like spec string can be used so I wanted to give user choice
      to use different styles per-font (I'm really not sure how e.g.
      guifontset works).

      I personally started the patch in order to avoid Cleartype, not to add
      it. As most of opensource fixed width fonts I use simply look bad and
      in putty or mintty I always disable antialiasing for them. Again, :set
      antialias=true/false does not work here as some fonts look ugly with
      Cleartype but just Antialiased is fine.

      > It would also be good to maintain existing behaviour (starting quality is
      > PROOF_QUALITY) which follows the principle of least surprise for existing
      > users. Also the default font settings are used for print font selection
      > which does not support cleartype. I have no idea what quality value it uses
      > in that case - default? It should stay at PROOF_QUALITY until we know more
      > about how it affects printing.

      Aww, sure. I'm sorry about that, I've been testing DEFAULT_QUALITY
      with fonts other than Fixedsys and forget to revert that change. Also,
      'DEFAULT' in my patch should set PROOF_QUALITY as well as it maps to
      Vim's default behavior not the renderer's.

      Revised patch is attached. But I still don't know where should I start
      with has("cleartype") indicator.


      Ondrej Balaz

      e-mail: blami@...

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