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68755Re: "." fails to repeat the last executed operator with ":normal v"

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  • glts
    Mar 19, 2013
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      On Thursday, November 29, 2012 3:35:08 PM UTC+1, Kana Natsuno wrote:
      > I often define my own text objects. But I noticed that some of them are
      > not correctly repeatable with the "." command. I investigated the cause
      > of the problem, and found a strange behavior about repeating an operator
      > which is executed with a ":" command as a motion.
      > ...

      At this point I believe this is a bug. Consider the following commands,
      typed in normal mode:

      (1) d:call setpos(".",[0,2,5,0])
      (2) d:normal! e
      (3) dv:normal! viw
      (4) d:normal! viw

      Commands (1) to (3) work exactly as expected: "delete to line 2 column
      5; to the end of the word; the inner word". And they are repeatable with
      the dot command, because they are put in the redo buffer exactly as

      Command (4) works as expected, but it isn't repeatable because the
      command isn't correctly put in the redo buffer.

      This is unfortunate. In Operator-pending mode, selecting something in
      Visual mode is special: Like Kana said, it is the only way to define
      complex text objects (see :h omap-info). So this is an issue that needs

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