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68723Re: [patch] windows font antialiasing styles

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  • Mike Williams
    Mar 18, 2013
      On 18/03/2013 16:02, Ondrej Balaz wrote:
      > On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 12:58 PM, Mike Williams
      > <mike.williams@...> wrote:
      >> On 15/03/2013 05:40, mattn wrote:
      >>>> attached patch adds a new field called 'a' into guifont spec for
      >>>> gui_win32. This allows Windows user to control font antialiasing style
      >>>> in same fashion as Putty or Mintty does.
      >>>> As this is my first Vim patch and also my first patch for MS Windows
      >>>> related code I am not sure about MS SDK macro usage policy, precisely
      >>>> if I can use WINVER check directly in case of CLEARTYPE_QUALITY
      >>>> constant (which was introduced in 7.0A). If it is not good enough just
      >>>> tell me how to do it properly and I will rework my patch.
      >>> Nice. It's working good for me. One thing, for about checking WINVER, I
      >>> prefer to #ifdef CLEARTYPE_QUALITY. This make be possible to work on
      >>> WindowsXP.
      >> You must have special build runes. ;-) WinGDI.h checks for
      >> _WIN32_WINNT_WINXP as you say but the supplied Windows makefiles set WINVER
      >> to 0x0400 or 0x0500 which map to NT4 and 2K, so the cleartype flag will not
      >> be compiled in by default.
      > Good to know. What about removing the cleartype style from patch
      > completely. As the most of Win7 and Win8 installations come with
      > cleartype enabled system-wide it will be still available through the
      > 'default' setting. Such patch will not change build-time compatibility
      > from the previous state. Also, despite knowing the rule #1 'never
      > predict what user may want' I assume that user who wants cleartype in
      > Vim probably wants cleartype everywhere else so 'default' which is
      > default is ok. Sounds this reasonable to you for retaining the
      > pre-cleartype Windows compatibility?

      I think there is value in the patch. If VIM moves on the base supported
      version of Windows to XP then we know cleartype can potentially be used.
      Perhaps it would better with a simple control whether to anti-alias or
      not (some people really don't want it at all). With anti-alias on check
      if cleartype is enabled and if so use it, else use the normal anti-alias
      - if cleartype has not been enabled it is not likely to have been set up
      for the display so may look worse that normal anti-alias.

      It would also be good to maintain existing behaviour (starting quality
      is PROOF_QUALITY) which follows the principle of least surprise for
      existing users. Also the default font settings are used for print font
      selection which does not support cleartype. I have no idea what quality
      value it uses in that case - default? It should stay at PROOF_QUALITY
      until we know more about how it affects printing.

      You should also be aware there is a patch floating around that lets VIM
      use DirectWrite for text rendering which has a better font renderer and
      provides more control on anti-aliasing. This does require Win7/2k8r2 or
      better. There is potential here for having too many controls over text
      rendering if we are not careful.

      Dragon, a lizard with indigestion.

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